Participation in Government Rulemaking

I participated in the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) Energy Division's Workshop on Advanced Demand Flexibility Management and DER Compensation on 7.21.22.

I offered the following comment on the CPUC's R2207005 ratesetting proceeding, ‘‘Order Instituting Rulemaking to Advance Demand Flexibility Through Electric Rates,’’ and the corresponding extended comment on R2207005 on 8.15.22.

UC Berkeley's IEEE Power and Energy Chapter

As the 2021 Program Director I have organized and hosted the Spring and Fall Seminar Series, welcoming leaders in the fields of power systems and power electronics.

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List of Courses taken at UC Berkeley

Fall 2016

EE 137A Introduction to Electric Power Systems
ME C231A Experiential Advanced Control Design
EE 221A Linear System Theory

Spring 2017

EE 137B Introduction to Electric Power Systems
EE 222 Nonlinear Systems–Analysis, Stability and Control
IEOR 258 Control and Optimization for Power Systems

Fall 2017

CS 289A Introduction to Machine Learning
EE 290N Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering: Networks of Dissipative Systems
IEOR 290 Societal-Scale Cyber-Physical Systems: Machine Learning and the Internet of Things

Spring 2018

EE C291E Hybrid Systems and Intelligent Control
ME 233 Advanced Control Systems II (Adaptive Control)

Fall 2018

CS 294-112 Deep Reinforcement Learning
EE 227BT Convex Optimization (relaxations and distributionally-robust optimization)

Spring 2019

EE C227C Convex Optimization and Approximation (algorithms)
EE 290O Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering: Control of Low Inertia Grids
MBA 212 Energy and Environmental Markets

Fall 2019

ELENG 375 Teaching Techniques for Electrical Engineering

Spring 2020

CS294-158 Deep Unsupervised Learning